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Fireworks in Bates City, MO

Are you looking for Fireworks in Bates City, Missouri? Get the best deals at Pyro City and check out our wide selection of fireworks- big and small!

Bates City Missouri


Bates City, Missouri

JUNE 15th- June 30th

9:00 AM- 5:00 PM

July 1st- July 6th

8:00 AM- 9:00 PM

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The possibilities are endless at Pyro City Fireworks

Shop for fireworks at Pyro City and receive free fireworks! This season, our Pyro Rewards are back and we are offering FREE FIREWORKS with every $300 purchase. Shop in-store for exclusive deals and check out our new rewards flyer. We are stocked with 100’s of fireworks and are the largest retailer of Black Cat fireworks in the country. Bring the best fireworks show to your backyard!

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Looking for July 4th fireworks? Shop hundreds of the best and biggest fireworks in our showroom where you can see them before you buy them with our multiple TVs.

Technical smoke.  Long lasting, Thick, Media smoke with a wire ring pull ignition.  5 colors to choose from, Red, White, Blue, Pink, and Purple. Over 1 minute duration.
Ringleader.  9 HUGE shots with special effect 4 segment rings.
Sound Check.  Angled compound cake assortment.  light both left and right cake simultaneously for an incredible pyro show. 48 shots.
Summer Night.  3 Assorted multi-shot cakes. 16 shots ea 48 shots total.

Welcome to Pyro City of Bates City, Missouri!

Pyro City is your year-round destination for fireworks, located off I-70 and exit 31, around the corner from Bates City BBQ.

Shop the biggest bangs, brightest colors, and largest selection of Black Cat fireworks. 100% no dud guarantee!

Browse through hundreds of fireworks in air conditioning, scan and watch your firework before you purchase, and access our indoor restrooms.

Fireworks in Bates City, MO

Unveiling Pyro City: Your Ultimate Destination for Fireworks in Bates City, MO

Fireworks enthusiasts rejoice! Nestled in Bates City, Missouri, lies Pyro City, your go-to destination for all things pyrotechnic. Whether you’re gearing up for a special occasion or simply seeking some excitement, Pyro City has you covered with its extensive selection and expert staff.

Pyro City in Bates City, MO

Located conveniently just off Interstate 70, Pyro City in Bates City, Missouri, is easily accessible for those coming from Kansas City and beyond. Simply head east on I-70 until you reach exit 31 for Bates City. Turn right, and you’ll find yourself in the parking lot of Pyro City, ready to embark on a journey filled with explosive excitement. Our doors are open year-round, welcoming visitors from near and far to experience the magic of fireworks.

Fireworks in Bates City, MO
Fireworks in Bates City, MO

What to Expect From Pyro City in Bates City, MO

As you step into Pyro City, you’ll be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. With a combined experience of over two decades in the fireworks industry, our team is well-equipped to assist you in finding the perfect fireworks for any occasion. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-time enthusiast, our staff is here to make your experience at Pyro City memorable and enjoyable.

Why Choose Pyro City Bates City?

Pyro City Bates City stands out for several reasons:

  • Wide Selection: Explore our extensive range of fireworks to find the perfect fit for your celebration, whether it’s New Year’s Eve, Independence Day, or any special occasion.

  • Convenient Location: Strategically situated near the Kansas City area, our Bates City location offers easy access for residents of Missouri and beyond.


  • Expert Guidance: Trust our experienced staff to help you select fireworks tailored to your needs, ensuring both excitement and safety for your event.
Fireworks in Bates City, MO

Contact Pyro City in Bates City, MO Now!

Ready to ignite your celebrations? Visit us at Pyro City in Bates City, Missouri, located at 102 E Old Hwy 40, Bates City, Missouri 64011. For directions, inquiries, or expert advice on selecting the perfect fireworks for your event, feel free to contact us at (816) 690-3922. Let Pyro City light up your skies and make your celebrations truly unforgettable!

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